1 – Ride for Ceylon – In aid of Green Memorial Hospital, Manipay (R4C2025) is organised, administered and managed by the UK charity Friends of Manipay Hospital (FoMH) initiative. For the purposes of this document, Ride for Ceylon – In aid of Green Memorial Hospital, Manipay is referred to as the Event Organiser.

2 – The R4C2025 comprises one cycling event: a mass participation ride. The terms and conditions outlined in this document apply to participants in this ride (the Riders).


3 – Riders must be over the age of 18 on the date of their registration in order to register.

4 – A Rider under the age of 18 on their date of registration will not be able to participate in the ride unless they have written parent consent and written approval of the Event Organiser.

5 – The Event Organiser reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to accept or decline an application for Registration.

6 – The R4C2025 is limited to 40 places. Pre-registration is open from 7th to 30th April 2024 with a non-refundable deposit of £150 paid via R4C's JustGiving page. This may close earlier if the allotted number is reached. Full registration for the R4C2025 must be completed by 11:00pm British Summer Time (BST) on 30th September 2024 with the balance payment of £350.

7 – Registrations will not be accepted after the closing date and will not be accepted on the day of the event.

8 – The Rider must provide their contact details and the contact details (including a valid telephone number) for an emergency contact (i.e. next of kin) so that the Event Organiser can contact that person if the Rider is involved in an emergency situation.

9 – At the time of registration, the Rider must be confident they will be able to complete the full distance of the course at a minimum average speed of 15km a hour.

10 – Each Rider must register individually and for themselves.

11 – Only human powered bicycles are permitted to enter the Ride. Motorcycles, scooters and motorised and power-assisted bicycles/vehicles are not permitted.

12 – The payment of £500 (£150 deposit plus £350 balance) is required to confirm Rider registration which will cover food and lodging and other essentials on a triple-sharing basis. An additional £1000 must be collected as donation before 15 January 2025 for participation.

13 – All prices are quoted in GBP per person.

14 – All information provided by the Event Organiser may be subject to change at any time in the absolute discretion of the Event Organiser.


15 – All R4C2025 communication prior to the event will be made via email, WhatsApp or the Ride for Ceylon Facebook Page. The Rider must provide a valid email address & phone/mobile number at the time of registration. The Rider must notify the Event Organiser of any change to their contact details by sending an email to

Ride for Ceylon 2025 – Health and Safety

16 - The Rider must participate in the event in a safe and responsible manner, using common sense at all times, and obeying Sri Lankan road rules.

17 - The Rider must exercise caution on all public roads and other thoroughfares and ride defensively and courteously towards other road users.

18 - Riders must use an approved bicycle helmet, and the bicycle should be in good working condition.

19 - Riders are responsible for ensuring they are capable of riding the full distance of the course over 4 days. It is the responsibility of the Rider to ensure they are medically and physically fit and able to participate in the event and that they have undertaken adequate training and preparation.

20 - The Event Organiser will be providing food and water at locations marked on the course map, however Riders are responsible for any personal or specific nutritional requirements that may not be supplied by The Event Organiser.

21 - Riders must disclose to the Event Organiser what they believe will be their average riding speed for the event and any pre-existing medical or other conditions that may impact on their ability to participate in the event or that the Event Organiser should be aware of. The Rider consents to any such information being collected by the Event Organiser and being disclosed to the medical team and used for the purposes of the R4C2025.

22 - The Event Organiser reserves the right to ask a Rider to move into a different group or cease participation in the event if the Rider is unable to make sufficient progress in the event to allow the Rider to complete the event in line with timelines set by the Event Organiser, marshals and ride captains or for a Rider’s safety.

23 - The R4C2025 is staged on open roads and Riders must adhere to normal road rules at all times. Failure to do so is at the risk of the Rider and may result in the Rider being removed from the event.

24 - Personal Rider support vehicles are not permitted on the ride. The Event Organiser will provide support vehicles including medical and mechanical support.

25 - If during the R4C2025 a Rider becomes ill or is injured, the Event Organiser will endeavour to arrange medical transport (usually in a support vehicle or ambulance if required). Any medical transport will be at the Rider’s own expense.

26 - The Event Organiser reserves the right to remove any persons from the event where it considers it necessary to do so for health and safety or any other reason.

27 - The Event Organiser reserves the right to alter, cancel the event, change or amend the course due to an emergency, inclement weather, extreme heat or any other operational needs prevailing at the time. These decisions are always made in the interests of health and safety. It may be necessary to alter or amend event itineraries and other arrangements from those published.

28 - If the R4C2025 is cancelled, the cancellation will be undertaken at the sole discretion of the event organiser for R4C2025 and in accordance with any advice or directions from Emergency Services personnel or Sri Lankan Police.

Cancellation, Transfer and Refunds

29 - Any cancellations will not receive a refund. However, your registration can be transferred to a new rider before 30th November 2024.

30 - If the R4C 2025 is cancelled by the Event Organiser on or prior to 5:00pm BST on 31st January 2025, all participants will be entitled to a full refund, less administration charge & any cycle kit fees.

31 - Other than in accordance with paragraph 36, and subject to paragraph 38, the Rider will not be entitled to any refund whatsoever, unless otherwise determined by the Event Organiser in its absolute discretion. In particular, the Rider will not be entitled to a refund if the R4C2025 is cancelled due to extreme weather conditions or the event is cancelled due to circumstances beyond the event organisers control.

32 - Notwithstanding paragraph 31, in the case of Force Majeure, the Event Organiser may, at its absolute discretion, offer a partial or full refund to the Rider. For the purposes of this paragraph 38, Force Majeure means a circumstance, event or cause beyond the reasonable power and control of the Event Organiser, including (to the extent it is beyond the reasonable power and control of that party) acts of God, storm, tempest, fire, act of public enemies, civil commotion, strikes, lockouts, stoppages, restraint of labour or other similar acts, power or water shortage, or acts or omissions of any government or governmental authority.

33 - The Rider acknowledges that their registration is not transferable to other people under any circumstances without the explicit approval in writing by the Event Organiser. Any attempt to transfer the Rider’s registration or to allow another person to participate under the Rider’s name may result in the Rider’s registration being cancelled without refund. A registered rider can contact the Event Organisers up to 30th November 2024 to organise a transfer to a new rider they have organised. An administration fee of £50 will be charged. In such cases the Registered Rider must contact the Event Organisers via email with full details of replacement rider. The Event organiser will not be responsible for any funds transfers between riders. The Event Organiser takes no responsibility for replacing or changing the size of the event Jerseys between riders.

Acknowledgement of Liability and Risk

34 - The Rider acknowledges and agrees that participation in the R4C2025 is inherently dangerous and that the Rider participates at their own risk. The risks associated with participating in the event include, but are not limited to, the risk that:

  1. The Rider may be involved in a collision with people, animals, vehicles and/or other objects.
  2. The Rider may lose his/her balance.
  3. The Rider may suffer from the effects of heat, cold, wind, rain and other weather conditions.
  4. The Rider may suffer from physical exertion.
  5. The Rider may become separated from the cycling group during the event.
  6. The Rider may fall from their bicycle.
  7. Damage to your bike on course or during transportation during or after the ride on the return coach back to Colombo, and these risks may result in the Rider suffering from harm including, but not limited to physical or mental injury, disability, death, property damage or economic loss. There are other risks to which the Rider may be exposed during the event. It is the Rider’s responsibility to ensure that he/she wears appropriate protective clothing and safety equipment, including a helmet in accordance with paragraph 18.

35- The Event Organiser strongly recommends that all Riders take out health insurance, road bike insurance, ambulance cover and travel insurance (if applicable) to cover their participation in the R4C2025.

36 - The Event Organiser takes no responsibility for any consequences arising from the R4C2025 whether by way of personal injury or property damage. It should not be assumed that the event organiser public liability or personal Injury insurance (if any) will respond in the event of injury, damage or loss. All participants in the R4C2025 event participate at their own risk and acknowledge that cycling is an inherently dangerous activity in which accidents can and do occur, and that may result in serious injury or even death. All participants should satisfy themselves that they have adequate insurance.


37 - The Rider provides a release and indemnity to each of the Event Organiser, and each of their officials, servants, representatives, agents and sponsors (and any of their respective representatives) against any claim, loss, damage, liability, cost and expense that may be incurred or sustained by the Event Organiser, and each of their officials, servants, representatives, agents and sponsors (and any of their respective representatives) arising out of any act, matter or thing done, permitted or omitted to be done by the Rider in relation to the R4C2025.

38a - The release and indemnity in paragraph 37 (each a relevant commitment) is given by the Rider in favour of the Event Organiser. It is acknowledged that: (a) the relevant commitment is given by the Rider for the benefit of the Event Organiser and each of them with the intention that they are entitled to rely on and enforce the relevant commitment; (b) the benefit of the relevant commitment is held by the Event Organiser on its own behalf.


38b - The Event Organiser collects, uses, discloses and otherwise handles the Rider’s personal information in accordance with the terms of its Privacy Policy (available at: All information remains the property of the Event Organiser.

39 - The Event Organiser may use and disclose the Rider’s personal information, photograph and video for the following purposes:

  1. In order to conduct the R4C2025 event in a safe and effective manner;
  2. In order to publish the Rider’s name on the Ride for Ceylon website or FaceBook, Donation page, or to cause for the Rider’s name to be published in any publication that lists the Rider as a participant in the event.
  3. In order to organise Private Promoters Insurance.
  4. As part of recording still and video images of the event and sharing that content amongst event participants and for general promotion.
  5. If the Rider does not provide their personal information to the Event Organiser then it may not be possible for the Rider to participate in the R4C2025.

40 - Without limiting paragraph 46, the Event Organiser may disclose the Rider’s personal information to:

    1. Any law enforcement agency or authority, if so requested;
    2. The official event photographer;
    3. The mailing team (to arrange for the delivery of the Rider Packs);
    4. Any designated event timing company;
    5. Event organisers & the medical team.


41 -The agreement (and the documents to which it refers, including the R4C2025 event website) constitutes the entire agreement between the parties in respect of the event and supersedes all other agreements, understandings, representations and negotiations between the parties.

42 -If any provision of the agreement is illegal, void, invalid or unenforceable for any reason, all other provisions which are self sustaining and capable of separate enforcement will, to the maximum extent permitted by law, be and continue to be valid and enforceable.

43 -To the maximum extent permitted by law, unless expressly provided in these terms and conditions, all implied terms, conditions, warranties and any other additional obligations are excluded from the agreement. If any legislation implies into these terms and conditions any term, condition, warranty or additional obligation that cannot be lawfully excluded, then that term, condition, warranty or additional obligation will be included in this terms and conditions only to the extent required by the relevant legislation, but each party’s liability in respect of any breach of that term, condition, warranty or additional obligation will be limited to the maximum extent (if any) permitted by that legislation.


42 -By accepting these terms and conditions, the Rider acknowledges and agrees as follows:

  1. The Rider has carefully read, understood and agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions of registration.
  2. All information provided by the Rider to the Event Organiser is true and correct.
  3. The Rider agrees to obey the road rules of Sri Lanka during the R4C2025.
  4. If the Rider is found to be littering on the course, the Rider will be subject to the standard litter laws of Sri Lanka.
  5. The Rider may be photographed or filmed during the event and consents to the Event Organiser (or its representatives) using the Rider’s picture or likeness contained in any photographs or film for publicising the event, for promoting any future ride or event to be staged by the Event Organiser, or for promoting Ride for Ceylon – In aid of Green Memorial Hospital, Manipay.
  6. The Rider consents to the Event Organiser collecting and adding the Rider’s personal information to the relevant mailing lists managed by the Event Organiser, and acknowledges that the Event Organiser may use the Rider’s personal information to communicate important event information to the Rider.
  7. The Rider consents to receiving emails from the Event Organiser, including emails that promote the Event Organiser, other events. The Rider may opt-out of receiving such emails at any time by following the instructions on an email.
  8. The Rider will not participate in the R4C2025 unless the Rider has trained and prepared appropriately for the event.
  9. The Rider will ride in a safe and responsible manner at all times.
  10. The Rider agrees to abide by all traffic laws and any directions given by the police, Event Organiser, Marshals, Ride Captains or any official event personnel.
  11. The Rider acknowledges that their application to enter the event will be accepted upon notification by the Event Organiser.
  12. The Rider will be bound by, and agrees to comply with, such rules, terms and conditions as may be imposed by the Event Organiser with respect to the conduct and management of the event. This includes but is not limited to competition and all relevant rules, regulations, policies and codes of conduct, each as amended from time to time. The Rider understands that if the Rider fails to comply with any rules or directions, the Rider will not be permitted to participate or to continue to participate in the R4C2025 and no refund will be given.
  13. The Rider acknowledges that participation in the R4C2025, including undertaking cycling activities on open public roads used by other traffic or otherwise, involves risks and hazards and is therefore inherently dangerous. The risks specifically associated with participation in the R4C2025 include but are not limited to physical exertion, risk of falling, risk of colliding with other riders or road users, encountering hidden obstacles or varying terrain, risk of injury from any failure of the bicycle or any of its components or inclement weather conditions. The Rider acknowledges that incidents may occur resulting in personal injury, property damage, and/or death.

Acceptance of these terms and conditions is indicated by your completion of this registration through the Ride for Ceylon website

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