Riding for a Reason

We ride for Green Memorial Hospital, but each Rider carries personal passions for the cause. here are some of their stories...

Milinda Liyanage

Joining the ride for the first time. I am happy to join a group of people who have been raising funds for a worthy cause for many years. As much as I enjoy riding, I hope to get involved and raise funds for the project. This will contribute in some way to the local people who will be using the services of the Manipay Green Memorial Hospital.

Shamil Appathurai

The Manipay Green Hospital has some family ties going back over a hundred years and the ability to restore it to a higher level of service was too strong a bond to ignore. Also the challenge of cycling to Jaffna is appealing and focused the mind on getting healthy, so hopefully I may not have to visit the hospital as a patient.

Rob Wilson

In May 2019 I had the privilege of welcoming my son, Jack, into the world. He was a month premature and required Intensive Care, which he responded to perfectly. Jack was lucky enough to receive world class care, in BC Children’s Hospital in Canada. However, this experience was a timely reminder of how other babies born in similar circumstances are not as fortunate as Jack. I am participating in the ride to raise funds so Sri Lankan families can receive lifesaving hospital treatment, which we were lucky enough to receive.

Ramzi Reyal

Firstly I love cycling. It’s a privilege for me to be a member of a worthy cause , thanks for giving me this opportunity. Furthermore long distance rides gives me lots of self satisfaction and happiness. Finally, I’d like to congratulate all the gifted riders and wish them all the best for this event.

Selliah Kalyanakumar

You can take me out of Sri Lanka. But, can’t take the Sri Lankan out of me. I am so thrilled to be part of a worthy cause and ride with my 6 other cycling friends. I always wanted to do a cycling trip across Sri Lanka with my Sydney cycling friends. When I heard about Ride4ceylon, a well organised event I couldn’t resist.

Virani Rupika

Joining the ride in aid of the GMH - Manipay for the 3rd time. Not a regular pro-rider like most others who did it last time. However, it was an achievement to be on the saddle for 400kms. The longest distance I have done on a bike. It is a worthy cause and I look forward to being there in 2021 as well.

Patrick Curry

Having done one, would be a combination of raising lots of money for a great cause, a love of multi-day cycling trips, and the joy of seeing a beautiful new country with lots of interesting co-cyclists.

Kandeepan Ariyaratnam

I have been following the Ride for Ceylon event every year and supporting its causes. I have always made a conscious effort to spread the word and inform as many people as possible of the wonderful achievements this charity has accomplished, changing numerous peoples lives for the better. I have always wanted to participate in the cycle ride and I am pleased to say that next year I will be taking the big leap and participate in the journey. The training will be grueling and tough but it will all be worth it for this fantastic cause.

Srith Karunanithy

Back in October 2017, after few drinks at a BBQ I signed up to join the team of Ride for Ceylon from Colombo to Jaffna, raising funds for The Green Memorial Hospital in Manipay, Jaffna. Up until then I hadn’t done more than 15km on my bike. Few months of training during the winter months prepared me to face the challenge in Feb 2018. I enjoyed the ride and felt proud of myself. Above all, felt immense happiness meeting the people who benefitted from this worthy cause and the good deeds done by Green Memorial Hospital, Manipay. Hence I have decided to join next year's ride from Colombo to Jaffna (435km)

Chris Naylor

For me the opportunity to ride with like minded people to support a fantastic cause was too good to resist. At the same time I hope to see parts of a country I have heard so much about but am yet to visit. Can’t wait.

Fr. Niroshan de Mel

I accidently came across on social media that a group of old boys from S. Thomas' were riding around the country in 2016. I thought i'd join them. Ever since, I have fallen in love with riding. Now even my children ride with me.

Shakthi Ratnakumaran

Excited to ride to Manipay for the first time and be a part of this great cause with the team

Tuan Samsudeen

It's a remarkable opportunity for me to be a part in the R4C event to explore the beauty of the country, ride together with prominent cyclists from different parts of the world and specially to capitalize my cycling passion to a worthy cause on behalf of my mother land.

Russell Wilson

From a personal point of view, I am looking forward to completing the ride with my son Rob. I don’t get to spend too much time with him, as he lives in Canada, while I live in the UK. Moreover, this is going to be a great opportunity to get to know the beauty of Sri Lanka and it’s people. But most importantly, I am looking forward to raising much needed funds and contribute to the fantastic work done by the Charity.

Stanmore Anandarajah

This is my second ride to raise money for the “Hope for Cancer” ward at Green Memorial Hospital, in memory of my wife Rochelle.

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